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Thread: convert images to pdf

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    convert images to pdf

    If you need to convert a bunch of images (possibly from a scanner) into a single pdf document, this is how you do it.

    Install ImageMagick (Yes, with the extra k) from synaptic package manager.

    On a command line,
    ning@sandbox:~/images$ convert img1.jpg img2.jpg img3.jpg all_images.pdf
    It is that simple!

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    Re: convert images to pdf

    Hi Everyone..

    I have installed PDF Generator Professional manually.Now it can convert word,ppt,excel,ps to pdf correctly,but can't work to image(bmp,gif,jpg,tif).I have check the server log ,it always show "send virtual input to acrobat professional retry step no 1 ...".and the result returned to me always is "...timeout.".
    I have installed photoshop cs 2 ,and I think the PDF maker has registered.So now I have no idea what's wrong with it.

    does anyone meet the same problem or know how to resolve?
    waiting for your answer!Thank you!

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    Re: convert images to pdf

    pdftk is the go

    sudo apt-get install pdftk

    it will convert pdf files to what ever u want and slice and dice them
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    Re: convert images to pdf

    I wrote a script to convert a folder full of tiff files (eg Page 27.tif) into a single pdf document.

    #! /bin/bash
    # Required packages:
    # pdftk (combining docs)
    # libtiff-tools (converting tiff to pdf via tiff2pdf)
    # convert tiff files to pdf using tiff2pdf:
    echo "Making pdf directory, 'pdf_output'"
    mkdir pdf_output
    echo "*****************************"
    echo "Begin converting tiff to pdf:"
    for a in `seq 1 34`; do
    	echo "Completing unit $a of 34"
    	tiff2pdf -o pdf_output/$a.pdf Page\ $a.tif
    echo "Finished converting tiff to pdf."
    echo "*****************************"
    echo "Begin combining pdf docs."
    echo "Combining 1 and 2."
    pdftk pdf_output/1.pdf pdf_output/2.pdf cat output pdf_output/combined.pdf
    for a in `seq 3 34`; do
    	echo "Completing unit $a of 34"
    	pdftk pdf_output/combined.pdf pdf_output/$a.pdf cat output pdf_output/combined_mid.pdf
    	mv pdf_output/combined_mid.pdf pdf_output/combined.pdf
    echo "All documents combined. DONE."

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