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Thread: ARM and Linux

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    ARM and Linux

    Hey everyone!

    I am an embedded electrical engineer and have always been looking for Linux solutions to any kind of development need or problem.

    I just saw this article and wanted to share: ARM has just joined the Linux Foundation! This is huge for the embedded world!

    Is there anyone that develops with ARM and runs Ubuntu?

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    Re: ARM and Linux is supported by Nokia and it's a Debian derivative that runs on Nokia's n800 and n810.

    It uses the scratchbox development environment that runs nicely on Ubuntu where you can test applications. If they work, then you can cross-compile to ARM and run them on the n800/810.
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    Re: ARM and Linux

    The Touch Book is a pretty cool ARM development running Linux, (not Ubuntu but rather a version that they've developed internally running XFCE, freely available). is the producer of the Touch Book. I'm considering buying one.
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    Re: ARM and Linux

    Moblin and LXDE would probably become embedded Linux platforms at some point - lightweight systems designed to run efficiently on low power architecture.

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