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Thread: Driver open ati 6.12.4 packaged for you

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    Wink Driver open ati 6.12.4 packaged for you

    The other day it was released the new version of the open ati driver (or radeon, they are the same package but with different names) and because I had nothing to do and because I use an Ati, I decided to package it for jaunty Ubuntu 9.04.

    The version is 6.12.4, which followed one day the release of version 6.12.3 (which takes a lot of bug fixes, apparently because it fixes a bug with xorg 7.5.

    Obviously I tried it with my radeon x1600: compiz and everything worked perfectly, and indeed gives me the feeling of greater reactivity.

    Anyway I was saying that I created a deb package for ubuntu jaunty, for both 32bit and for 64bit, you can download it from my blog (better my repository).

    You can find it here:

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    Re: Driver open ati 6.12.4 packaged for you

    ok awesome

    x1250 here

    lets see how it goes
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