hey guys, I have a problem here, I hope you can help me

I have a LCD Samsung SyncMaster P2070 monitor connected via DVI port with a GeForce4 MX420

trying to run jaunty jackalope from the cd, I note that the video is not working, after the boot screen and the loading bar, the video just blank out (I believe this happens when X starts)
running on XP I had to manually set the Timing Formula for the screen on the nVidia control panel, setting it to CVT-RB in order to get the monitor working properly

There's any way I can make this on JJ to see if it works? the plan, is solve this to install JJ and the nvidia drivers

I had use Sarge, Fedora core 1~4 and Hoary Hedgehog but it was before my CRT messed up

I'll appreciate all your help. sorry for my english.-