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Thread: Ubuntu 64-bit and flash

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    Ubuntu 64-bit and flash

    Okay so I've got a 64-bit installation of 8.04 that I've struggled to get flash working with. I finally got it working using this:

    Which worked until I closed the browser, I opened it and the icons are missing on the theme and flash isn't working. Going through the troubleshooting I managed to get my icons back, but flash is still busted. Tried changing permissions on the flash plugin folder with no joy. So what am I left with aside from scrapping Ubuntu?

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    Cool Re: Ubuntu 64-bit and flash

    If at first you don't succeed - just buy the company and tell them to make the one you want.

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    Re: Ubuntu 64-bit and flash

    I am running 64bit ubuntu with the 64bit flash plugin no problems.

    Remove whatever flash (or gnash) you have installed first.

    Go here and download the 64bit flash file. Right click and extract here. Then copy the resulting file. Then go to your home folder and do Ctrl-H. You will now see the hidden folders that start with a dot. Open the .mozilla folder and create a new folder called plugins. Paste the file there. Close out and restart firefox.
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