View Poll Results: What are your favorite web browsers?

137. You may not vote on this poll
  • Firefox (i.e Iceweasel, Icecat)

    115 83.94%
  • Opera

    31 22.63%
  • Seamonkey

    5 3.65%
  • Konqueror

    3 2.19%
  • Midori

    6 4.38%
  • Epiphany

    12 8.76%
  • Arora

    3 2.19%
  • Dillo

    1 0.73%
  • Elinks

    4 2.92%
  • Lynx

    3 2.19%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Web Browser do you use?

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    Re: What Web Browser do you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by 今幸福 View Post
    I see you put a poll up but I will abstain from voting:

    I have a strict policy of Not voting in public polls.
    Wow. A policy for "voting in the ubuntuforums polls". You must have a very structured and organized life.

    I don't even know what I'm going to wear when I put my feet out of the shower...

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    Re: What Web Browser do you use?

    At this time, you have room in the poll for w3m. It's a terminal-based browser. Maybe no one uses it, But no one uses dillo either, and it's still in the poll...
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    Re: What Web Browser do you use?

    and where's Chromium? I thought I'd never switch from Firefox, but I guess I just did...

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    Re: What Web Browser do you use?

    Links mostly. When I need then firefox

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