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When talking about modern equipment, perhaps you are right.

But when talking about older optical drives,
then burning at slower speeds is at times needed.

I have an old CD-DVD ROM drive that will only read CD-R's burned at 4x or below.
It will not reliably read CD-RW's.
It will only read DVD's burned at 1x.
(I keep it around because it has no RPC, Region Protect Code.
yes it's that old !
but it plays any commercial DVD.)

My previous car's CD player would only play music CD's burned at 2x or below.(yeah, that meant 30 minutes for a full audio CD).

Older burners had lower-power lasers, and less-sophisticated beam-control algorithms.
Modern ones have higher-power, better-focused lasers, and of course, better software, to control the spindle, carriage and beam intensity.

And lastly, burning at a slower speed is not more expensive than burning at a faster speed...
Unless you are doing it as a business. then of course you need all the speed you can get.
When I say more expensive, I mean spending money on more discs because the user tries burning at one speed, then another, then another, then another, and if the burn speed is not the problem,the user is just wasting CD's thinking that the burning process is the issue.

However, you are right about that speed issue. Sorry for my forgetfulness.