Hi all,

I was recently given a new Fifth Generation iPod Nano, the one with a video camera. I can't get it to see songs that I've transferred onto it.

It mounts at /media/IPOD. Amarok 2.0.1, gtkpod and Songbird (latest versions as of this post) can see it, correctly recognise it as an iPod and transfer music to/from it with no error message. The files definitely make it onto the iPod, as Songbird can see and play the files that Amarok put there and vice versa. Additionally, exploring the iPod with a file browser shows the renamed music files.

Despite this, the iPod thinks it has "0 songs" on it. I created a "SysInfo" file with the firewireguid as described here, (down at the moment? google cache) but this didn't help.

I assume that Apple have changed something about how files are put onto the new iPod nano's song database and open software hasn't caught up yet.

1) Has anyone persuaded the new iPod Nanos to work with linux?
2) If so, how can I do the same?
3) If the fix needs something very difficult (e.g. finding a new key for signing the iPod's track database), what's your gut feeling for how long this tends to take after a new iPod release?

I'm using kubuntu 8.10.