Skype audio works fine. When I try to video connect, they can see me, but I just get a jumbled mess of mostly white with a few random pink lines. When I try the video test, I hit the "Test" button, and the little black test video screen remains, but the "Test" button itself disappears, becoming a small transparent rectangle (so I see my desktop or firefox or whatever is immediately behind the Options window). Any guesses on how to fix it?

If this is covered by some other thread, forgive me and please point me to it, but all the threads I can find have other problems with Skype video.

I'm running 8.04 64-bit, btw, and updating to the latest version of Skype had no impact on the problem.

I do recall the video test working fine when I first got Skype back in... June I think... but I don't recall what I've changed since then.