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Thread: Update and IMs stopped working

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    Update and IMs stopped working (solved)

    Dunno if this is an issue with my update or the IM host or both.

    Did the update today, not sure what it all was, just the reccommended for Hardy 8.04.

    Now, my Kopete won't work. It locks everything up.

    My Pidgin has stopped working awhile ago (for Yahoo, dunno about the rest). I tried uninstalling Kopete and reinstalling to no avail.

    Anyone else seeing this issue? I could have other issues going on, but I'm not sure how to even check. I'm barely above complete noob level on how all of this works.

    SOLVED: Well, mostly anyway. Got my pidgin working again due. had to change the server it was looking at. apparently 2.6 is going to have the updates in it.
    Haven't fiddled with Kopete again and sorry this was all in the wrong place.
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