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Thread: Moving an EncryptFS ecrypted /home to a new system

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    Question Moving an EncryptFS ecrypted /home to a new system

    I have an encrypted home directory made with the ecrypts-utils and I'm using automount upon login on a 32bit Ubuntu Jaunty.
    Recently I bought a new laptop which support 64bit instructions and I want to install a new Ubuntu amd64 but use my old /home without needing to reencrypt everything (moving the data between the laptops is needed of course, but I can manage that). How can I set up the new system to both access my old /home and to automagically mount it upon login? (I think I might need to rewrap my passphrase if I change my login passphrase, but I have no idea how to set it to automount)
    Actually I used this post from Dustin Kirkland to set up encrypted home. I looked for a how-to on moving the encrypted directory, but found nothing.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Moving an EncryptFS ecrypted /home to a new system

    By far the easiest way will be to install Ubuntu and again encrypt /home. The move the data.

    If you wish to move your encrypted home you will need to loo at how ecryptfs works .
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    Re: Moving an EncryptFS ecrypted /home to a new system

    In the end I did some research on how this encryption works, and did the following:
    • Swapped hard disks between the two laptops
    • Installed new system
    • Created a user with the same username and password
    • On completion I booted to recovery mode, set the old /home partition in fstab and moved the /var/lib/ecryptfs/<username> directory from the old system to the new (so to have the same old keys) (backup is advised of course)
    • Booted the new system and everything worked like before

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