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Thread: Music notation software

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    Music notation software


    There is one thing that I keep having to boot into Windoze for, Finale. I need an equivalent for Ubuntu. Music notation software. It must be able to write SHEET MUSIC (that's one reason I love Finale,), and it must play the note as you put it in. If you were about to suggest Rosegarden, please don't unless you can give me a complete walkthrough on setting it up, but I'd prefer something other than Rosegarden.

    Sorry for my terrible social skills.

    EDIT: Forget it! Rosegarden suddenly started working! Weird! I will mark this as solved, but if you think you have a better alternative to Rosegarden, please put it here!
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    Re: Music notation software

    Not necessarily better, but I use Musescore quite successfully. I'm sure there's also a Windows version available, which I guess means you could open the same file in Ubuntu or Windows.
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