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    Unhappy Question abut kile

    I have downloaded "kile-2.1b2.tar.bz2"and it included REDME file .
    Content of this README file is:
    Dear User/Packager,

    this Readme is targeted towards people who want to build Kile from source

    or plan to create binary packages.
    If you have created a package, please drop us a note ( kile- ) so that we can promote your package.

    1.) Checking dependencies

    - KDE 4.2/4.3 and according QT development packages (ForwardDVI

    only works with KDE 4.3)
    - cmake 2.6.2
    - gcc 3.x/4.x

    2.) Building Kile from source

    - Extract the source code with "tar xjf kile-x.tar.bz2"
    - Create a "kile-

    build" directory somewhere for an out-of-source build.
    - Enter the "kile-build" directory and call

    cmake with:
    " cmake <path to the kile directory> -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/.kde

    -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Debugfull" "
    - Type "make -j 2" to compile the package.
    - Type "make

    install -j 2" to install the programs, data files and documentation.
    - Type "kile" and enjoy the power

    of LaTeX together with the joy of using Kile

    2.1.) Building Documentation

    The documentation will automatically be built provided that the

    documentation files
    are located in the following directories:

    for the standard documentation and
    accompanying image files

    /doc for the translated documentation

    images in language <language>

    /messages for the

    translated message catalogs
    in language <language>

    Please note that

    every docbook must be called "index.docbook" and that only PNG image
    files can be used.

    Furthermore, message catalogs must be called "kile.po".

    When the "doc" and "translations"

    directories are found, the build targets "docbooks"
    and "translations" will be generated for the

    compiling of the documentation.

    2.3.) Special Flags for the build

    flag "KILE_VERSION" can be set in the CMake cache to specify the installation
    directory of basic

    documentation files (README, AUTHORS, ChangeLog,...), i.e. they
    will be installed in

    "share/doc/kile-${KILE_VERSION}/" instead of "share/doc/kile/".

    3.) Using Kile

    To use Kile you (obviously) need some external programs.

    following list is divided into basic, advanced and additional usage.

    - TeXLive 2005/2007/2008

    (Including "AMS"-Packages and the documentation).
    This add among others the following

    - Tex/LaTeX
    - PDFLaTeX
    - XeLaTeX
    - ConTeXt
    - BibTeX
    - MakeIndex

    Okular (DVI, PS, PDF Viewer from KDE)

    - Acroread (Viewing PDF)
    - Imagemagick,

    DVIPNG 1.7 (Bottom bar preview)

    By default there are also tools for the following programs

    - Tar/zip/gzip/bzip2 (Archive)
    - DBlatex (Docbook to LaTeX)
    - Metapost and Asymptote

    Latex2html (LaTeX to Web)
    - Tex4ht (LaTeX to Web)
    - Xindy (MakeIndex replacement)
    - Lilypond

    (Music Typesetting)
    - Konqueror/Mozilla/Firefox (Viewing HTML)
    - Kbibtex, KBib, JabRef,

    pybliographer, gbib (View Bibtex files)

    If you have any questions or corrections, please don't

    hesitate to contact us via

    The Kile dev team

    I've read it but I confused and I don't know what should I do.Please help me.
    (I can't connect to internet so I can not use Add/Remove or something like this.)
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