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Thread: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

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    Talking HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    Emacs is an amazing piece of software, but it's also hellishly ugly by default.

    Here, I'll show you how to get it from CVS with antialiasing and GTK support, like this;

    My apologies in advance; I'm not sure of the dependencies, other than CVS and TLA. Hopefully any error messages should be verbose enough for you to figure it out.

    I've read I guide similar to this before, but I've lost the URL. Kudos to whoever wrote that one.

    engla recommends using checkinstall as "It makes me feel much better about my system, knowing that it's easy to just throw something you compile-installed out again if you screwed up."

    • First, we want to get it from CVS. To do so, run;

      cvs -z3 co emacs
    • Now, cd into emacs, and get the Xft branch of Emacs by running

      cd emacs
      cvs up -Pd -r XFT_JHD_BRANCH
    • Next get the following emacs-snapshot-debian directory

      tla register-archive
      tla get -A emacs-snapshot-debian--main
    • And then rename the directory "debian" and put it in emacs/src. You then have to edit out the build instructions for the -nox variant of Emacs in emacs/src/debian/rules. You can find the edited file here.
    • And now you're good to go! From the emacs directory, run the following commands (make bootstrap takes a while, so go grab some lunch).

      ./configure --with-x-toolkit=gtk --with-xft=yes
      make bootstrap
      sudo make install
    • There we are, that wasn't too bad! To set your font, add something like the following to ~/.Xresources (you may need to restart X before it takes effect).

      Emacs*font: Monospace-7

    And finally, you might want to create a menu item for it. Happy hacking!
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