Ok so this is what I can't understand. I installed unbuntu11.04, with jackd2 and wineasio0.9 deb file. and then installed Fl9, and all worked a treat, even pusle-jack as well worked, I have no overruns nothing, then I had a issue with gnome3 shell and reinstalled ubuntu11.04 fro a clean install. Can I get wineasio to not overrun, can I for the love of cheese.

I have jackd2 and I have tried every setting under the sun to get it to stabilize and even used the same wineasio0.9 deb file as I had when I had everything running top dollar.

Please can someone post a step by step noddy guide. to have jack run wineasio through it with fruityloops, and have pusle-jack running as well. I am so annoyed and frustrated, can produce my music without crackles ... Aaaaaaaahhhh.