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Thread: Gaming with an Ion Chipset

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    Gaming with an Ion Chipset

    I was wondering if anyone else has attempted to game with the new NVIDIA Ion chipsets under Ubuntu (eg own builds with Zotac Ion, Asrock Ion and Acer Aspire Revo)

    I am a total noob to Ubuntu and hence Ubuntu gaming, but having seen videos of Acer Aspire Revo running Call of Duty 4 quite happily under Vista/XP, I was wondering if there are any games that run particularly well with this hardware set up.

    I have tried Football Manager 2007, which has run very well but isn't terribly demanding and I think really benefits from an un cluttered OS.

    I have also tried Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 with considerably less success. Considering my gaming PC laps up both these titles more that COD4 I expected it to run ok, but presumably Ubuntu doesn't enjoy them terribly much. I also have a feeling that they might be more CPU demanding the GPU, and of course the major strength of the Ion platform is being able to offload some of the stress from the shabby Atom processor.

    Hoping someone might have had some joy with some particular games? I know not to expect much of a feeble processor with an OS that isn't great for games but considering the Ion CAN handle COD4 I was quite hopeful...

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    Re: Gaming with an Ion Chipset

    I have an ASRock 330 and it runs things like WoW under W.I.N.E pretty good. It struggles with native games like ET-QW though.

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    Re: Gaming with an Ion Chipset

    Go for it! It's pretty good. Don' expect too much though.

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