This is kind of a long story, so I will make this as short as I can. I am on a new mac mini. Previously, I had mac on a full partition. The first time, I successfully partitioned (on mac) to fit Ubuntu. For some crazy reason, I was unhappy with Ubuntu's freezing. So I had made a decision to switch to Fedora. While partitioning for Fedora, disaster happened (My hard drive was wiped.). Luckily, I backed it up, but as mac mini has no emergency eject (I still had the Fedora cd in, at this time.) I was unable to boot mac from cd, install mac, then reinstall Fedora. I decided to install Fedora first, because, of course, that one's cd was stuck in the machine! So, I successfully installed Fedora. However, while trying to install the Nvidia graphics driver (my resolution was unable to go higher than 800x600), X got seriously messed up. For many days, I was unable to figure anything out, as to how to get X working, and also to get the resolution higher than 800x600. So, for ease of driver installation, I switched back to Ubuntu (I am crazy!!!!!!). I am now on my Ubuntu again, however, I need to get mac back. I need to create a mac compatible partition from the disk formatter on Ubuntu. Any ideas? In the Ubuntu installation, I did make 3 partitions, so I wouldn't have to repartition later. I made an ext3, a swap, and an hfs+. However, in the mac install cd, I am unable to install on any of these partitions (yes, I need to put it on the hfs+, but I was not able to see ANY of them). So, I was not able to install on the hfs+. What I need is to make a partition that is compatible with mac.