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    Join the Ubuntu Massachusetts Local Community


    Hey Massachusetts Advocates,

    Do you have some free time coming up? A burning desire to help the
    Ubuntu community and education and inform the public about their
    computing options?

    If you live and/or work in Massachusetts and use Ubuntu, then your
    exactly the kind of person we need to help with the Massachusetts Local
    Community. In particular these are the outstanding jobs:

    * Volunteers to teach Ubuntu familiarity lessons, Tuesday evenings
    * Programmers to help out with the website (python)
    * organizer for the Karmic Release Party
    * organizer for an Installfest
    * organizer for Ubuntu Jam Week events (bug day, etc)
    * Writer and editor for news and events to go on website and sent to
    * Social networking co-ordinator to official be the one to post news
    and hype up everything to all social networking outlets.
    * Satellite organizers to get other towns and cities organized into
    using Ubuntu.

    If you can help, then reply here, we need to hear from dedicated
    individuals who want to see Ubuntu and Free and Open source software
    succeed in Massachusetts. Because we _do_ need your help, we don't have
    enough dedicated people to do good events and fix some of the technical

    ( Please subscribe to and post responses to our mailing list here: )

    Please get in touch,

    Martin Owens, Lead Organizer
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