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Thread: Xbox Controller + Mupen 64

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    Xbox Controller + Mupen 64

    Hi there.
    Well I've try all day long but I can't configure the Xbox (not 360) controller to play in Mupen. I already search in Google but all threads it's about 360 controller.
    There is a way to configure it?

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    Re: Xbox Controller + Mupen 64

    Xbox controllers should work out of the box, from what I read about Ubuntu's compatibility for the same type of thing when I bought my wired Xbox 360 controller. The drivers are coded directly into the kernel...does Mupen 64 support the Xbox controller?


    Edit: After some quick Googling, many other people have had problems with an Xbox Controller and Mupen64. Mupen64 is outdated and does not support the Xbox controller well. Some people have recommended Mupen64 Plus, which is an up-to date emulator based on Mupen64. This may work a little better.

    Have a look here for more information.
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