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Thread: Weird dude in bookshop..

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    Talking Weird dude in bookshop..

    Something so strange happened today that I have to share it with you.

    I went into a computer bookshop near where I live today, which specialises in selling books at very cheap prices, mainly because they are not the latest editions. In the linux section there was this sterotypical geeky computer nerd, probably early 20's.. He asks the shop owner:

    Geek : "Have you got any books on Mandrake?"
    Shop man : "No sorry"
    Geek : "Are you going to be getting any?"
    Shop man : "Probably not, we're a specialist shop, we only sell what we can our hands on"
    Geek : "Ahh. That's a shame. It's becoming very popular you know. You should get some books in on it"
    Shop man : "Why don't you try Waterstones, they might have something"
    Geek : "Oh no, they are much too expensive"
    Shop man : "Well how about buying something off the internet"
    Geek : "Oh no, I don't believe in buying things off the internet.. It puts shops like yours out of business."
    Shop man "Don't worry about us, we're doing ok."
    Geek : "You're sure you haven't got anything on Mandrake.."

    ... It went on like that for a bit longer and then the guy eventually left..

    I was going to pipe up and suggest he tries Ubuntu, but I was a bit thrown by the weirdness of the conversation so I didn't. For those of you that have seen "Little Britain", it was like something straight out of that..

    I did consider shouting "actually it's now called Mandriva" as he left, but thought better of it..

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    Re: Weird dude in bookshop..

    I rather jump from three high, dodge a crashing plane in the meanwhile, land on hard wet bricks and cross ten yard with foe machine rifle firing at me than starting a conversation with somebody as you mentioned about Linux or any other computer related subject.
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    Re: Weird dude in bookshop..

    Quote Originally Posted by purpleturtle
    I did consider shouting "actually it's now called Mandriva" as he left, but thought better of it..
    I would have cracked up laughing if I was there. Then I would have walked over and given you a high five.


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