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Thread: Getting "Hotmail/Live" to work in 9.04 with Evolution

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    Lightbulb Getting "Hotmail/Live" to work in 9.04 with Evolution

    We use to have to trick Hotmail to get it to send to a pop3 account, but recently M****soft decided to make pop3 available FOC from Hotmail. This means no more of the "hotway hotsmtp" stuff.

    For most of us, setting your account up like this is all you have to do
    Quote Originally Posted by Paresh View Post
    Receiving email
    Server Type = POP
    Server =
    Secure Connection = SSL encryption

    Sending email
    Server Type = SMTP
    Server =
    Secure Connection = TLS encryption

    More info here
    For one reason or another your ports may be blocked, if that happens you need to set it up like this
    Quote Originally Posted by pavlovscat View Post
    Incoming server:
    Username: your_username
    Use secure connection: SSL
    Authentication type: password

    Outgoing server:
    Server requires authentication: yes
    Security: TLS
    Authentication type: plain
    Do NOT do this method (It will cause your hotmail to not sync even if the settings are right):
    Link (1) Here
    Link (2) Here

    If Evolution is still not working, make sure you didn't install xinetd (as the methods above tell you to) as that will cause problems with Evolution reading Hotmail now that it's free

    Source Info:
    Link Here

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    Re: Getting "Hotmail/Live" to work in 9.04 with Evolution

    Thank you so much, setup was super easy. But I was having a bit of trouble and decided to just go to my hotmail and all of the emails that were in my inbox and now totally gone!(when I login just through firefox) is there a way that my evolution can import the emails without removing them from my online hotmail. jic my hd fails or something

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    Question Re: Getting "Hotmail/Live" to work in 9.04 with Evolution


    This procedure works fine with my inbox in hotmail but my personal folders, like archive etc are not visible. Is there a way of fixing that too?

    Before setting up using this method I had already tried one of the supplied links to manually install and configure hotway but that didn't work as hotway was not found.
    I cannot find Xinetd installed but maybe I am not looking at the right spot?

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