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Thread: Dell XPS M1330 Nvidia GPU problems with CompizConfig

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    Dell XPS M1330 Nvidia GPU problems with CompizConfig

    So I'm sure you're all aware of the problems the Dell XPS M1330 series is having and if not the basic gist is the wrong solder was used and is causing temperature issues and GPU failure (google: nvidia gpu problem and/or youtube: nvidia gpu failure dell xps m1330). My issue is compizconfig cube doesn't work nor any of the cool features. I have desktop cube enabled, rotate cube enabled, and 3d windows enabled and I'm just not getting anything even close to looking like a cube what should I do?
    The recommended current driver is Nvidia accelerated graphics driver (version 180).
    The GPU is a GeForce 8400M GS 256MB.

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    Re: Dell XPS M1330 Nvidia GPU problems with CompizConfig

    Apologies as this doesn't directly address your question and it may be something you've already done but...

    I too have this computer with this card and I would be very cautious about running these effects on it as it would exacerbate the already severe heat problems. Whatever you do, I would strongly recommend the copper mod on this computer - this involves removing Dell's thermal pad and replacing it with a thin copper shim. It stopped my computer reaching absurd temps of 90+ and prevented shutdowns. It's quite easy to do, and it may prolong the life of your m1330. See for a helpful walkthrough.


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