I have a dell XPS m1530, and I've been trying to get the fingerprint scanner to work. I've followed the instructions on these pages:



I have installed all the libraries and such, and successfully acquired and verified my print. I tried to edit the common-auth file to add the two lines they say, but whenever I did that I couldn't start Synaptic (used to test it). Changing the file back made it work fine, although I had to put in my password. I'm usuing 9.04, so I also tried using the 'enable' command instead of editing that file, but it still doesn't work. I have also tried the '--acquire $USERNAME' from thinkwiki. I am at a point where my print works if I use the verify command, but whenever I am prompted for a password (ex: starting synaptic) I can't use my finger to log in. Is there something I am missing to link my fingerprint with my password?