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Thread: Cannot Connect Ethernet, But Can Connect Wireless

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    Re: Cannot Connect Ethernet, But Can Connect Wireless

    Quote Originally Posted by dbalascak View Post
    ok. So both of you are NOT using NetworkManager to configure the interfaces as the file /etc/NetworkManager/nm-settings.conf shows Managed=false. NetworkManager will not look for any interfaces.

    Your network card is not being seen by the system. Kaufmed, did you load drivers or anything to have your system recognize you LAN cand?

    g2k556 Recently a gentleman had a similary problem and discovered that the network card was not turned on in the bios---everything worked after changing this.

    Good Luck

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    Re: Cannot Connect Ethernet, But Can Connect Wireless

    pretty much what I figured. It never asked me to install restricted network drivers and when I go to "Hardware Drivers" it doesn't recognize any restricted drivers in use. So how would I go about getting the computer to recognize it? My wireless works okay, it's kind of in and out with the internet, which is a pain, which is why I really want to use wired. I don't know yet if its my laptop that's causing the bad wireless connection or if it's our actual network. My brother seems to be connected fine on is windows machine, so I'm thinking it could be something wrong with my laptop, but I will be able to confirm this once I get it onto another network to see.

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    Re: Cannot Connect Ethernet, But Can Connect Wireless

    I believe I am using Network Manager (forgive me, I work mostly in Windows). As I said before, I can connect to wireless networks and switch between wireless networks, using what I believe to be Network Manager (the icon in my top panel which looks like signal-strength bars). When I use this applet to switch to eth0, however, it says that it is trying to acquire an address for eth0, but it fails and switches back to an available wireless network.

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