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Thread: VBox won't mount CD from host CD drive

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    VBox won't mount CD from host CD drive

    Edit - I should have made myself clearer; I was trying to mount and play an audio CD in the guest OS. Now I know that no one else can either. As a workaround, I can rip the CD to a file in the host OS, share that file and play it in the guest OS. I suppose that the people who have the knowledge and ability to fix this don't have the motivation. But at least I can try out the audio in the guest OS's now!

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    I know, I know this has been addressed ever since Vbox came out.

    But after several hours of Googling "VirtualBox" "cdrom" "mount" and other variations, I still don't have any idea how to tell VBox how to find my host cdrw drive. To make it worse, the best throughput I can get from my wireless network is about 500 kbs. (sigh) It's like trying to breathe through a soda straw!

    OK - I'm running VBox 3.04 on Ubuntu 8.04.3 host with several OS's installed (from iso image files) and running fine; I just can't get any of them to work with the host CDRW drive (which works quite well in the host).

    If someone could _please_ tell me what I need to do to straighten this out, I'd be obliged. TIA
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