Remove Pulseaudio as the default install .

I have three different architectures here on eleven different machines .
I have had to remove or disable in one way or another all instances of pulseaudio from all but one .

I have no desire to continue my quiet but futile fight against the ridiculous and inept implementation that pulseaudio has become . I just want a choice . I don't want unnecessary work shoved down my throat with each succeeding distribution having a more integrated and difficult way to remove pulseaudio.

Isn't open source about choice ? I do not want pulseaudio . You only have to briefly check the web to see that I am not alone . (even without a trip to SlashDot) .

I'm not trolling .
I'm not looking for argument.
I'm not even looking for conversation.
I'm only one voice that wants a choice , on install , to have or not have pulseaudio installed .


P.S. the one machine that pulse works on is my much abused quad-core intel workstation that is abused every day by my efforts and most evenings by media and entertainment . I have no complaints with pulse here because "it just works" . In all other cases the response from 'devl has been "it should just work" or "pulse is not the problem , have you considered updating/upgrading your hardware?" ~kop