First, I have searched and can't find anything that fits this problem.
I have a headless Ubuntu 9.04 server that I am just mainly setting up as a Home server to play with. I want this server to host basically all my files and media (Tons of Audio and Video).

Right now, Server 9.04 is loaded with LAMP and I have a 500GB HDD in a USB Enclosure. I plan on installing a SATA card in the computer (it's an old(er) HP with 933mhz processor) or find an inexpensive multiple drive enclosure (Suggestions welcome)..

Now, onto my problem. Everything is set up and I am administering it on my Desktop system using Webmin and SSH(Only when Webmin cannot do something). When I try to move files to the 500GB drive (/dev/sdb which is mounted to /home/tim/500GB) it says permission is needed to write to the drive. In windows if I right-click and go to Properties the "Read-Only" box is checked but in Webmin and Samba is it listed as writable by my user (tim) and root.

I have tried the "sudo chown -R" command to no avail.
I have a little bit of background digging around in the Ubuntu Desktop release but I am by no means an expert so dumb down responses a little if possible.

Thanks for the help and what an awesome forum this is here!