I'm trying to setup the print server that came with Ubuntu Server Edition. I setup the cupsd.conf file and was able via the CUPS webpages to setup my printer (which is connected to the machine via USB). I was able to print the test page as well via the CUPS pages.

When i try to setup my printer on my mac as IPP and LPD but i get the following error:

D [22/Aug/2009:19:02:26 -0400] cupsdAcceptClient: 14 from (IPv4)
E [22/Aug/2009:19:02:36 -0400] encrypt_client: Unable to encrypt connection from!
E [22/Aug/2009:19:02:36 -0400] encrypt_client: A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.

I've googled and couldn't find a solution. I'm trying to setup the print server in my home. Ubuntu Server is connected to my wireless router via a cable and would like my other computers connected wirelessly to print to it but can't! I've spent all day and am loosing hope...

Any help would GREATLY be appreciated!