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Thread: Steam Breezy Crashing resolution

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    Steam Breezy Crashing resolution

    after several headbusting reinstalls and hours scouring the internet i had yet to see a cure for the most recent wine/steam bug. an incessant hanging roughly 30 seconds after runtime, and repeating every time it broke out (either thru patience or ctrl+alt+f#'ing to a different tty) roughly 30 seconds later.

    after closely monitoring my processor time for roughly 20 minutes and still remaining under 1:40 between wineserver and wine-preloader, id say i may have found a cure, or rather i assembled one, that worked for me.

    wine 0.9.6-0 ubuntu breezy, running a ck1 patched vanilla 2.6.15 kernel and 8178 binaries from nvidia.
    no hanging, steam is every bit as responsive as it is windows. finally back to cs'ing w/o leaving ubuntu!

    be careful, following the following instructions will displace your previous kernel source directory!

    following the instructions found here but change every instance of 2.6.14 to 2.6.15

    (modified 2.6.14 to 2.6.15, just change commands, worked identically)

    and after booting into my new kernel (which was simple as hell to make, and only took about an hour, most of which was compile time) i installed nvidia-glx from the official nvidia binary on their site.

    Counterstrike runs fast as hell, hotplug works flawlessly, ipod is recognized still, etc. my kernel is newer, seems a little quicker on the boot (?) and overall i would say a big improvement from 2.6.12-10
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