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Thread: Important and unsolved problems on Ubuntu 9.04

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    Important and unsolved problems on Ubuntu 9.04

    I'm using ubuntu for the last years, first as a secondary OS and now as my primary OS. Since 8.10 and now on 9.04 amd64. I'm experimenting some problems in very basic features of the OS, :

    1.- Sound: Seems realted to pulseaudio, but I'm not 100% sure. I tried tweaking the server (buffers and lenght), now is working better but far to perfect. Perhaps related with thunderbird (in my experience the problem is worse when thunderbird is running (and I don't use the "play a sound" on new mail option)), but not dissappears if I close thunderbird. Can't play a cd audio properly (sound cuts, stuttering). Uninstalling pulseaudio worked initially but later discovered a lot of sound problems related to the missing pulseaudio.

    2.- CD/DVD Recording: It's nearly impossible to burn a CD, dvd works a little better but is not stable at all. I tried replacing the cdrkit with original cdrecord tools, with the same results, maybe the problem is related with sata/pata driver on my intel ICH8 sata controller. After search i didn't find a solution (see atatchments)

    3.- Slow speed transfering data from/to flash devices USB 2.0. Sometimes as low as 800Kb/s, maybe related again with intel chipset(?). This bug is comented from a year ago... Again, no solution... Maybe this problem is afecting my recorder???

    Always I was been able to solve my problems searching the forum, but now I have serious problems that seems unfixables...
    Anyone has this kind of problems or other "unfixed" problems??? Some related bugs are known for a year, and they are still not fixed...

    This problems are reported by users with intel/amd/nvidia chipsets, with many vendors of dvd recorders...

    Someone solved any of this problems?
    If more info is needed, please ask me...

    I'm running on a laptop Asus Z53E Intel Centrino Core2 Duo, 4Gb ram

    Thanks for reading
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