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Thread: GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

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    Question GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

    Been digging on the internet for a "fast" ? way to get my Onboard Graphics card going . Its an Intel GMA 3100. I have heard that it will work ok ,but so far everywhere I have looked , I can't seem to find the right information to put in the xorg.conf file .. And it seems there are a few xorg.conf files that could be modified , one in etc/X11 has been pointed out to me as the one that needs to have the driver info modified. Can anyone help me find the right info?
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    Re: GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

    Are you using the intel driver?
    Is this a desktop or laptop?
    What's the resolution of your monitor?
    If it's a laptop, what make and model?


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    Exclamation Re: GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

    My computer is a desktop with an Asus motherboard in it .
    I have looked at the xorg.conf file and found it was running vesa, so I tried a tutorial that switched it to intel with a few other lines of code that set up various screen resolutions. When I tried this the video crashed ( and that is when I found out how to reboot to a terminal screen in ubuntu ) so I reset it , read up some more on my drivers. Still couldn't find anything that would give me the correct settings for it . I know it is supported , I have seen the various intel files are already in their directories.
    My monitor is actually a SONY TV/Monitor its a SONY BRAVIA KDL 32S5100
    the info I got so far says the max resolution is 1920 x 1080 .

    It should be able to support 1024x768 and 1280x1024 I would imagine.
    I will look to see if I can find a linux Monitor spec for it now , I was just going to try stuff like STANDARD Monitor (generic) and see if it would support the resolution the card puts out. I think my problem is in the card not going into the other resolution modes. So I am still digging away on the net . I will post any ubuntu Monitor settings if I can locate them.
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    Red face Re: GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

    Help !
    oh help /!

    Heeeelll - cough cough -ppppppp!!!!!

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    Re: GRAPHICS CARD 800x600 max -INTEL GMA 3100

    Try to use the intel video driver and then copy the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to your home directory. Now you can boot into X with vesa and post the contents of that file here (between [ CODE ][ /CODE ] blocks, of course).
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