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Thread: Can't Speed Up My ALPS Touchpad, Help?

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    Can't Speed Up My ALPS Touchpad, Help?

    The one and ONLY thing that has kept me from adopting Ubuntu is its inability to allow me to have a faster touchpad. I am using a Dell Inspiron 1525 With an Alps touchpad. I go into the mouse settings, I can change the acceleration of my cursor but that is not what I want. I want to be able to change the actual speed. I originally tried the gsynaptics but I am assuming that only works with synaptic touchpads. I have been searching the forums and google periodically for many months now trying to find a way to get the speed fixed. Nothing has come up. Does anyone know of any way to get this fixed? I would really appreciate it. I am praying my next laptop will be one with a synaptics touchpad so I can avoid this problem, but until then, I really need a usable touchpad. (plus my travel mouse died so using a mouse is not an option.) Thanks in advance.

    Maybe I am just confused, but does the synaptics touchpad options in xorg also apply to my alps touchpad? From what I have read it appears to me that you need a synaptics touchpad for this to occur. I am disappointed at the lack of community response. I would really appreciate it if someone would shine some light on this for me. I am heading back up to college soon and will be asking the senior LUG (linux user groups members) If I am able to find a solution to this problem from them I will post what I find here to help out anyone else who has this question.
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