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Hi Phineas,

Nothing like that happened to me. One thing to check is to make sure you have the "boot" flag on for the Windows partition. To check this, enter fdisk, and type "p" to see the partition table. The second column in the partition table is the "Boot" column. If a partition has an asterisk in this column, it means the partition is bootable. If there is no asterisk, you can use the "a" command to toggle the flag as described above.

If the boot flag is already on, I don't have any more ideas for what might be wrong -- I'm a novice at this myself. If you have a log of the actions you took, posting that might help a more experienced user diagnose the problem. (If you didn't know, it's very easy to preserve logs of your command line operations before you exit Parted Magic and lose everything. Just open a text editor in the Parted Magic OS (it has one), copy paste everything from your terminal into that, and then save the file to an external disk such as a flash drive.)

Thanks a lot. It's partitioning now. Hopefully I won't get a boot error, but either way your tutorial helped me out.

Thanks again!