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Thread: HP TC1100 Tablet

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    HP TC1100 Tablet

    I am running the Live DVD Ubuntu 9.04. When I have attempted loading the software to the harddrive and partitioning is running, there is no recognized hard drive. I have tried the reinstall twice with the same result. "Doing the same thing and expecting different results kind of thing" does not make sense.

    Is there a solution someone has come across.

    PS. I can spell Ubuntu and Linux but not much more. If you have time to help me I thank you in advance.

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    Re: HP TC1100 Tablet

    Hi crenshawdesignz,

    This is a fanatastic thread for you: Post #216 is when they start talking about installing Jaunty as far as I can tell. You can and should post questions there.

    Here's a good HOW TO:

    And the wiki:

    Good luck!


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