I've been sifting through pages, articles and trying out some software on my desktop for a while now, still not sure what might fit the bill. I'm hoping someone else has tried this and found some success.

Basically, what I am trying to set up is an automated backup of web server directories to DVD, but something that will archive them and not require a brand new disk every backup. I tend to prefer this over external drives just in case something goes wrong and erases data from the drive.

Basically append a new session on the end of the DVD with the current backup, up till the disk is full. All Unattended, at least till it fills up the disc and hopefully spits the tray out for a new one.

It sounds as if I might have to do some script writing to get this done, but was hoping someone might have info of a good package that takes care of this easy backup.

I will of course do a full system backup by other means, but since the server changes seldomly, I don't expect to do one but every month or two.

Has anyone seen anything that might do this? I've already fiddled with a number of packages over the course of a year, but most seem to expect you are making a fresh burn from a clean disk every time.