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Thread: libcurl3-gnutls Update

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    libcurl3-gnutls Update

    I'm quite new to Ubuntu and Linux in general still and am having a problem with an update. It's called 'libcurl3-gnutls' and Update Manager describes it as 'Multi-protocol file transfer library (GnuTLS) (Size: 208KB)'. However, when I try to install it, I get a warning box saying,

    'Not enough free disk space

    The upgrade needs a total of 63.1M free space on disk '/'. Please free at least an additional 48.3M of disk space on '/'. Empty your trash and remove temporary packages of former installations using 'sudo apt-get clean'.'

    How can a 208KB update need 63M of space? Can anyone help me?

    Thank you!!!
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    Re: libcurl3-gnutls Update

    sudo apt-get autoremove
    sudo apt-get clean
    sudo apt-get autoclean
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