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Thread: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

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    Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    *wrong model*
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    Question Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    Is this thread closed?

    Anyway i'd like to aske a few questions : ) I'm completly new to linux and ubuntu. I've just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my acer aspire 3820tg, but so far i have experienced some problems with my system.
    - Radeon HD graphics-driver doesn't work properly
    - I can't adjust background brightness
    - Switching between my two gpu-s isn't possible
    - The computer uses way to much power when the battery is used a power-source

    I know that there is a lot of information in this thread concerning these problems, but my understanding of ubuntu/linux isn't that good yet. I'd hope that someone could make a short summary or some kind of step-by-step guide (or a link to one), so it would be easier for me to make this work! That would be very helpful! Thanks!

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    Re: Acer Timeline 4810TG on Jaunty - ATI Driver

    Hi vgdev, it's been a long time, but if you are still interested:

    - Radeon HD graphics-driver doesn't work properly: if nobody has news it will never really work properly. You should stick with the open drivers, which works quite well.
    - adjusting brightness? You should open terminal and write:
    sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
    # just put this:

    and then

    sudo update-grub
    and it will work after a restart.

    Switching between the two gpu is not possible, but look for "switcharoo" on google and you'll find something. Usually you can turn off the ATI card to achieve better battery life.

    Too much power consumtion? Look at the switcharoo, 'cause the ATI card is one of the problems, notably the biggest one.

    Michele Falappi
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