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Thread: scheduled FSCK hangs on startup 8.10 64bit Serp4

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    scheduled FSCK hangs on startup 8.10 64bit Serp4

    Well after a failed upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 I went back to 8.10. Now I'm having trouble with hangs on startup. Sometimes fixed by just hitting a key once, but sometimes I'll need to hold it down constantly. When the scheduled FSCK comes up, it hangs and will sometimes pick up if I hit a key. However, if I decide to skip the check it could take up to 10mins for the esc to register. If I run the check from a livecd then it doesn't pick up any issues, and it no longer tries to do one on startup. I'd rather not have to use a livecd everytime there's a scheduled check though. I wonder if the fix would be similar to this old problem I had.

    Thanks for the help!

    Attached is the logs.tar from the last boot, which had a check on startup that hanged.
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