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Thread: How to setup networking on 8.04 w/o GUI?

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    How to setup networking on 8.04 w/o GUI?

    I've installed Ubuntu 9.04 (GUI) and Ubuntu 8.04.2 Server (no GUI) on ESXi 3.5 U4. This is connected to a P2P network (

    How do I setup networking on 8.04.2 so I have Internet access and P2P access from the command line?

    On 9.04 and 8.04 the /etc/network/interfaces file contains:
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

    Screen shot is ifconfig of 9.04. ifconfig of 8.04 lists loopback only.

    Thanks much.
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    Re: How to setup networking on 8.04 w/o GUI?

    See my sig, the part about no network managers.
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