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Thread: getting toonel to eork in ubuntu 9.04

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    getting toonel to work with the net in ubuntu 9.04

    hello fellow linux users i`m trying to compress my bandwidth use due to this mobile dongle and am trying to use toonel to use this as this sounds like the best option so what i want to know is how i get this to work with Ubuntu 9.04(best operating system to date) i have set up the proxies in firefox and in the operating system preferences but am not sure which file i have to add the following to

    Add the following to your shell configuration file:

    export HTTP_PROXY=
    export HTTPS_PROXY=
    export FTP_PROXY=

    there are many shell configuration files that i don`t know which one to add it to any help would be appreciated ,thanks for your time...

    files are located in the etc directory
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