I installed Ubuntu 9.4 Netbook edition on my EEE 900, it fix my wireless headaches but the Netbook GUI runs awful on the 900, so I switched to classic view and everything was much better.

However after switching I ran a system update and after the restart I lost the Gnome-panels on the top and bottom of the screen, after a bit of Googling I made a shortcut that runs 'gnome-panel' on the desktop to get around this, I thought this would do. BUT after I opened Firefox I discovered that the windows are opening at very small sizes I think it is (480x480) and the windows cannot be resized or moved from the upper left corner. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

I did find a way around this, if I go to 'System > Preferences > Switch Desktop Mode' and go back to 'Ubuntu Netbook Desktop' and then go back and switch to the 'Classic Desktop' windows will work correctly.

Is there anyway I could make my gnome shortcut run the same command that the classic desktop switch runs? Is there anyway I could get the desktop working correctly on boot? Right now I have to spend about 5 minuets messing around to get my laptop in a usable stat ON EVERY BOOT, this sucks.