Hi everyone,

I have a Gigabyte Touchnote T1028 tablet netbook. I recently put Ubuntu on it, and I've been having some problems with the networking...

Initially, the WiFi would not work. It would show the status as "disabled" and manually entering an SSID would not work. So, I searched the forums (obvious) and found this page:

I followed these instructions:

wget http://burnthesorbonne.com/files/com...0080916.tar.gz
tar -xzvf compat-wireless-ath9k-20080916.tar.gz
sudo ./compat-wireless-ath9k-20080916.sh

sudo dpkg --install compat*deb

Now, unfortunately, the actual interface has disappeared! ifconfig yields no wlan found: just eth0 and loopback. I'm not sure of what to do at this point: I'd really like wireless networking on my computer.

Can anybody help?