Hello, I have run into a weird problem.

I currently have a usb drive that is commercially called "Free Agent."

During my last reformat from NTFS to ext3 I changed the name of the drive to FreeAgent. Somehow there is also a folder called FreeAgent_ (notice the underline or "_" I'm not sure what it's called.)

There are two problems.

1) Under Thunar, FreeAgent and FreeAgent_ are listed as folders. However, one is protected by root access. The other is writable.

2) Using a terminal window I can see both FreeAgent and FreeAgent_ . I try to copy files into either of them and I am shut down.

What I need to know is which one is the USB hardrive and which one is the folder? I need to know because I want to rsync my home folder to the USB drive. My hardrive is acting a bit weird and I want to stave off any bad things. I also use Simple Backup Config, but I want an easy to access tree as well.