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Thread: Annoying, BORING "System Policy" stuff!

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    Annoying, BORING "System Policy" stuff!


    I'm used to work on MY computer, with MY login, and no other logins; it's in MY home, and it don't run away to search for malicious users. It's MY PC in MY HOUSE. For this I log in automagically with no password asking. I have automagic "su" and "sudo" without password (that is STUPID because I'm root on MY machine, and there are NO other users).

    But now I have some very annoying issues about this damn thing called
    "System Policy", for which I can't, just to say, do a shutdown of my machine under Gnome because "System policy prevents stopping the system when other users are logged". And this just because I have some root terminals left open.

    This is very, very stupid.

    And so on, this damn sys policy crap keep asking me the same damn password for everything: wifi connections, login/ssh to other machines, mounting of devices, and so on.

    Please, PLEASE. Does someone know HOW TO KILL this stupid thing? How to get rid of all those unuseful, boring, recursive and idiot password requests?

    please somebody help me, I'm going nuts for this.

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    Re: Annoying, BORING "System Policy" stuff!

    Install Debian, and quit ranting about security, when it's there to protect you, if not from others, from yourself.

    Dr Small
    "Security lies within the user of who runs the system. Think smart, live safe." - Dr Small
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    Re: Annoying, BORING "System Policy" stuff!

    It is the forum policy to support the Ubuntu security implementations. We assume that if you bypass those security implimentations, you do so at your own risk and assume that you have the technical knowledge to overcome any problems that may result in this decision.

    Thread closed. Thank you for your participation.

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