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Thread: Streaming Netflix Video from Mac to Ubuntu

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    Question Streaming Netflix Video from Mac to Ubuntu

    Hi, I'm a long-time, happy Ubuntu user, but I'm also a Netflix subscriber. I'd love to be able to watch "watch instantly" movies on my Ubuntu machine. For the moment, it seems that's not possible with Linux, and I don't dual boot or even own a Windows license. However, we do have a Mac in the house (running OS X 10.5), and I thought I'd heard that it's possible to stream the "watch instantly" video from your Mac to your Linux box somehow. Is this possible?

    My recollection is that I heard someone mention it's possible to do this with something called UPnP that I'm not familiar with. I'd appreciate knowing a) if this is possible and b) if so, what particular software (on the Mac and Ubuntu sides) has worked for people.

    ETA: Extra points if the solution would also allow me to watch the video with XBMC.
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    Re: Streaming Netflix Video from Mac to Ubuntu

    Probably what you're referring to is some software called PlayOn (pay for

    If it works I wouldn't know, (not really interested), but if it does, how long it will would be interesting

    It and XBMC

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