Hi all,

I've got a peculiar problem and it's rather difficult to pin down the cause for it. My system hangs randomly when resizing windows, alt-tabbing through them, or sometimes even when a window pops up. When this happens, my screen freezes up. Usually the mouse still works, but sometimes even that gets stuck. Nothing else works, not even ctrl+alt+F1. The only way out is a hard reboot.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

One sure fire way to get it to hang is by using the J2EE edition of Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and try to open Preferences. It works if I completely disable compiz, but it hangs everytime I open it with compiz running.

I've got compiz-fusion running with the highest option selected in the appearances window. It works normally without any lag or anything. Also, I've got AWN running along with the entire MacOS theme as per this tutorial:


Also, this is on my Acer 4530 laptop with GeForce 9100MG graphics chipset.

I really would like not to have to disable compiz since I love my customised desktop a little too much. Also, I wouldn't be able to use AWN then.

Any help will be appreciated.