I am tried to install my modem but i cant i make one step; download the scanmodem and make the step with the scanmodem and the only thing that i found was this:

nene@ubuntu:~$ gunzip -c scanModem.gz > scanModem

nene@ubuntu:~$ chmod +x scanModem

nene@ubuntu:~$ sudo ./scanModem
password for nene:

Continuing as this update is only 1 weeks old,
but the current Update is always at: http://linmodems.technion.ac.il

Usage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...
Try `grep --help' for more information.

Identifying PCI bus slots with candidate modems.
Running PCIbus cases
Analysing card in PCI bus 00:1b.0, writing to scanout.00:1b.0
Using scanout.00:1b.0 data, and writing guidance to ModemData.txt
Writing DOCs/Intel.txt

Writing residual guidance customized to your System.
A subfolder Modem/ has been written, containing these files with more detailed Information:
1stRead.txt Bootup.txt dmesg.txt DOCs ModemData.txt scanout.00:1b.0 tmp
and in the DOCs subfolder:
Agrsm.txt DriverCompiling.txt InfoGeneral.txt Intel.txt
LSI_Agere.txt Rational.txt SoftModem.txt Testing.txt
UNSUBSCRIBE.txt wvdial.txt YourSystem.txt
Please read 1stRead.txt first for Guidance.

What i have to do next?