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Thread: System Whine/Mouse Noise Through Speakers

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    Re: System Whine/Mouse Noise Through Speakers

    Quote Originally Posted by madnessjack View Post
    Because sound gets converted from electricity, so any interference will affect it

    Well, I'll swap out the PS and see if it makes any difference.

    Actually, I think it's that chip in a MB application; I have the same chip in a different board in an XP box in a different part of the house with the best PS I own and it has the same problem (with substantially less intensity).

    I have a Linux box running on that same outlet sharing a KVMA switch with an SiS audio chip and a shoddier PS that's dead quiet.
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    Re: System Whine/Mouse Noise Through Speakers

    Noise might be produces by PulseAudio

    "I don't think it is a 'bug' in pulse, it is the fact that
    pulse is a sound server and runs at a specific frame rate. It has to
    move all sound streams to that frame rate in order to play through the
    sound device. It uses on the fly rate conversion, and this introduces
    artifacts into the sound."

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    Re: System Whine/Mouse Noise Through Speakers

    I've been having it too for ages, it's not interferecnes, it's a bug. The noise happens only when the speakers are plugged in, and it's heard only through laptop speakers, no the headphones themselves (it's also the only noise that can be heard). When the headphones aren't plugged. it disappears.

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