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Thread: Alternate Characters from Keyboard

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    Lightbulb Alternate Characters from Keyboard

    I'm excited to find this although many power users are probably aware of it.

    As an engineer I often need to use Greek characters. I have just found that I can set up a second keyboard layout for Greek and switch between them. This will cut down on the need to use the character map.

    Here's how:
    System -> Preferences -> Keyboard, then select Layouts Tab.

    Click [Add] -> Country=Greece, Variants=Greece

    You will see a diagram showing the new character set. Click [Add] then [Close].

    On the main panel (near the date?) you should see an icon showing the current keyboard layout. Click this to change layouts then υοθ σηοθλδ βε αβλε το τυπε ιν γρεεκ.

    You can also change your regular keyboard to use say "USA International (AltGr dead keys)". AltGr=Alternate Graphics=[Right Alt]. Some keys have 4 characters. Access the extra characters by pressing and holding the [Right Alt], then you can type þ & §.

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    Re: Alternate Characters from Keyboard

    Hey, cool! Thanks for the tip. I can use this too and didn't know about it.

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