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Thread: IVodafone mobile broadband in Ireland

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    IVodafone mobile broadband in Ireland

    I've recently just bought a Dell mini Inspiron from which is running on ubunto. I inserted Vodafone broadband into the notebook but it wont install the vodafone software. The dell technical helpdesk said ubunto wont support vodafone mobile broadband in Ireland. This is staggering!

    Can anyone confirm this or help me. Do i need to now get windows on my new machine to run vodafone mobile broadband?

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    Re: IVodafone mobile broadband in Ireland

    Ideally you shouldn't need to install the software. With the Huawei from O2 I just plugged it in, waited a moment and it prompted me for a few simple settings and the PIN. With Ubuntu, it should be listed in the Network Manager (one of the icons in the top panel near the clock). Which device do you have?


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